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THE CAVE : Short Film  .  WATCH HERE︎

Production and Direction: David Silva
Original Score: Kevin Ariza
The Cave is the intention to represent visual thinking as a visual example where I go around different ideas I vaguely have about myself. It was inspired by the book "The Visual Thinking", by Rudolf Arnheim, which helped me and opened my eyes and sharped my perception in a very deep and expanded way at the same time. Here I talk about the idealistic representation of the self, an attempt to draw how I see the visual process as a machine, and the complex idea of something bigger than us.

This the first Open Version of this film, which means this version is complete until it needs to be reopened for any edition or change required by the project.

This project is not meant to be distributed since I conceived it as a space for free exploration of a concept which is constantly evolving as I do.